Emerging As A Real Estate Business

Starting a new business can be daunting

Starting a new business can be a daunting and demanding task. Especially if you don’t have any training or formal education that puts you in a more solid position of being knowledgeable and fully understanding of your role and position in the prospective company your creating. So how does one approach the opportunity to start their own business? Some people have a knack for certain things, while others chose to turn a hobby or something they greatly enjoy doing into a money making business.
While real estate investing has not only became a nationwide fad it has also become a household word inspiring young and old to try their luck in the real estate industry. Just before the dawn of the recession real estate investing had not yet caught it’s spark of wildfire and was still a widely untapped marketplace with only those who had been investing for quite some time on a large scale and the normal landlord across america being the ones to actively practice. There were even those who decided to take their real estate knowledge and expertise to scam unsuspecting, uneducated-yet eager to start a new real estate business-entrepreneurial victims by providing training and coaching programs that ran people into debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars!
The Founder of Righteous Investments Corporation (B. Eugene Johnson) was one of those entrepreneurs who unsuspectingly fell victim to one of those schemes. His happened to be an Owner Financed Real Estate Note training and coaching program. Luckily he proved to be somewhat savvy as he was only in the hole less than $200 (to him something wasn’t right about them always calling him to ask for more money by offering him new stages or courses in the program without him successfully completing ones he currently was involved with). Nonetheless, he took that as his first $200 investment in the real estate industry. The realization of him being tricked didn’t get him down as it may have many others, but inspired him to delve deeper into finding out more information about the real estate business and it’s different niche markets. From that he found out that the illusion he was tied up in was an actual market much to his surprise! This made him look even deeper. He found that there were many different niches in real estate and many he could indulge in.
With little to no knowledge in the real estate industry (though with some in mortgage and sales) he chose to learn as much as he could through online and book reading and stumbled across wholesaling. Wholesaling was the beginners gateway into niche real estate markets. Was this…the right business to start? With him having a long work record involving sales and mortgages he figured he would be a shoe in for this type of beginning. He had always wanted his own company and had tried once before that ended in an epic failure. But THIS would be his opportunity! He would start a business in real estate investing focusing on wholesaling and what he had originally been wiled into that gave him his interest in real estate-note brokering. After a few more months of study he stumbled upon Lease Options amongst all of the creative ways to invest in real estate as a beginner. So he decided that he would start a company focusing on real estate notes, wholesaling, and lease options. And thus..Righteous Investments Corporation was born.
Now we know that this has been a pretty lengthy company history, but we just wanted to give you a good perspective from where the company’s start came from. Righteous Investments Corp. has now been in business for nearly two years. Although the company hasn’t had great success on it’s own, as it has so far only had one contract that fell through due to discrepancies with the home untold by the owners, It has not given up. The company is now looking to partner with other investors in Columbus (and other cities in Ohio) to do bird dog and co-wholesale deals to get a more solid footing in the Columbus market. The founder is understanding that there are still a few things that need to be understood to better preform, and perform more successfully, in real estate investing. He has dove back into his studies to gain better understandings of strategies in entering and exiting deals as well as better due diligence practices to prevent things like what happened in the companies first deal from ever happening again.
You can look at this man and tell that he has true determination and passion for what he is doing. This isn’t just another project for him to complete. No. This is a new outlook on life as an entrepreneur, a business owner, and a real estate investor. This is not just another lame attempt to start a business out of thin air with no real concept as he once had tried. This is his opportunity to make a difference in many peoples lives and change he and his family’s life in the process. Look forward to hearing about this ambitious young entrepreneur and his emerging company!